Herbal medicine is the use of medicinal plants to treat disease and to restore and maintain health. With thousands of years' of documented use and modern research, we are able to understand how and why plants are effective and use them with knowledge and skill. When used correctly, plant medicines are an extremely safe way to treat ill health.

Herbal medicine is appropriate for most conditions for which you would consult your GP. Conditions treated may include: digestive problems; hormonal imbalances; stress, anxiety and depression; coughs, colds and low immunity; allergies; skin conditions; joint pains; headaches and migraines; heart and circulatory problems; urinary disorders and blood sugar imbalances.


In your first consultation, I will listen to your health care requirements, assessing your overall physical, mental and emotional health. The initial appointment lasts approximately 60-90 minutes, which involves taking a detailed case history, exploring your current condition, past medical history, family history, medications, constitution, lifestyle, diet, and carrying out physical examinations where relevant. The cost is £50.

A herbal prescription and treatment plan is discussed and given alongside lifestyle and nutritional advice, with consideration of contraindications with any current supplements or prescribed medications. Herbal remedies are individually priced but average £8 per 100ml for a weeks worth of medicine.

Follow up consultations cost £35. As the body heals its needs will change and we develop and alter the prescription to ensure we are working together in the right way, to suit your changing needs at all times. The number of sessions required varies depending on the client's requirements.